Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Death and Destruction for Somalis

Death and Destruction for Somalis: Return of the Warlords By AMINA MIRE

Somaliyaay toosooToosoo isku tiirsada eeHadba kiina taag daranee Taageera waligiinee. (Somalia wake up, wake up and join hands together and we must help the weakest of our people all of the time.) --Somali national anthem.

For the average western person, the current Ethiopian invasion of Somalia is just another military operation taking place in a distance land in the war against Islam terror. For Somalis, this invasion is nothing short of humiliating catastrophe. Somalis are deeply nationalistic; yet their nationalistic passion to towards their country did not prevent them from committing self-inflected genocidal civil wars which weakened their cultural fabric, political institutions and central authority so that after 16 years without functioning state, Somalia is today under the occupation of their most hated historical enemy, Ethiopia.

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