Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sign to Support: CCIODH Preliminary Conclusions and Recommendations Concerning the Social Conflict in Oaxaca, Mexico


Based on its research carried out in Mexico, the International Civil Commission for Human Rights Observation considers the following findings as established


1. The Commission considers that the events occurred in Oaxaca form part of a juridical, police and military strategy, acting on a psychosocial and community level, whose goal is to control and intimidate the population in areas where community-based or non-partisan social movements are unfolding.

2. Deaths documented by the CCIODH consist thus far of a total of 23 identified persons. By contrast, the Mexican Attorney General has only recognized 11 deaths and the National Human Rights Commission has acknowledged 20 deaths in its preliminary report. The CCIODH has knowledge of further deaths of persons who have not yet been identified.

3. There is well-founded evidence as to the existence of disappeared persons. However, one of the main obstacles in investigating and shedding light upon these disappearances is the lack of denunciations that have been made.

4. Deaths and disappearances took place during a parallel rise in violence and confrontations as a result of coercive operations designed and implemented with the goal of eliciting more violence. The latter are the work of several intellectual and material authors. They are attested to by the numerous testimonies such as those regarding the events of October 27, 2006 in which a coordinated operation resulted in serious deeds in the municipality of Sta. MarĂ­a Coyotepec as well as several other localities.

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