Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Deportation boats blockaded in Netherlands

Deportation boats blockaded by the Stop Deportations Groups in Rotterdam

Today, January 2 2007, The Werkgroep Stop Deportaties blockaded again the gates of the Deportationsboats in Rotterdam. This is only a drop in the sea for the people who recently heard by the judge that they now 'are only allowed to be locked up for six months' (And still people are sitting there much longer). And it still stays a drop in the sea as the police are saying they are going to improve things. The pain stays: The deportation boats and all the other prisons made specially for deportations. They're an inhumane institution, designed by cowardly people for a racist policy. There is a reason that visitor groups for the detainees on the boat need to sign a contract saying they will keep their mouth shut, because the government doesn't want the truth to be heard.

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