Sunday, January 7, 2007

Inside Gitmo North

Inside Gitmo North. EXCLUSIVE: After being held without charge for five years, terrorism suspect Mahmoud Jaballah speaks out from the special, high-security facility built just for him and two others near Kingston

BATH, Ont.–In neat handwriting that fills three pages are Mahmoud Jaballah's complaints about daily life inside this $3.2 million portable surrounded by barbed wire that was built for him and two other Toronto terrorism suspects. He fidgets with the paper on the desk in front of him while he speaks quickly during an interview this week inside the holding centre west of Kingston, dubbed "Guantanamo North" by its critics. A guard sits beside him, staring straight ahead. "There's no privacy here," says Jaballah, giving a nod to the guard with the unwavering deadpan stare. But beyond his list of grievances about the daily conditions of his detention on the grounds of the Millhaven federal penitentiary looms the larger issue of the detention itself.

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