Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dumas family sues Winnipeg police for wrongful death

Mon Jan 29, 2:14 PM

WINNIPEG (CBC) - The family of Matthew Dumas is launching a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Winnipeg Police Service and the City of Winnipeg, hoping to uncover details about how the aboriginal teenager was shot dead by a police officer in 2005.

"We have to do our own investigation of the facts," lawyer Norman Boudreau, who is representing Dumas's family, said Monday.

The lawsuit, which was filed Monday on behalf of Dumas's sister Jessica Paul, seeks a total of $120,000 on behalf of Dumas's family, plus special damages such as funeral expenses. It names police Chief Jack Ewatski, two unnamed police officers and the City of Winnipeg. The defendants have 20 days to respond.

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