Monday, January 8, 2007

Make Borders History: Antiracist Perspectives to Fortress Europe

Antiracist Perspectives in regard to G-8 Summit 2007

For years there has been a deep divide in the (antiracist) Left when the issue of flight and migration comes up. While one side is talking about "Fortress Europe" and mainly concentrates on attacking the ever more sophisticated regime of borders, camps and deportations, the other side favors the concept of "autonomy of migration" as the archimedial reference point. According to this concept one should not forget that despite all efforts to close the borders each year hundreds of thousand people enter the European Union on an irregular basis who organize their survival under self-determined, however rather precarious conditions. Migration therefore should be deciphered as "social protagonism", i.e. resilience; it could even be termed the "most successful social movement". It is relevant to find answers to the questions and problems that arise from both positions - not only for principal reasons, but also in regard to the politics of the movement. Current background is the G-8 Summit in Heiligendamm (North-Eastern Germany) in 2007.

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