Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Update from Six Nations by Mohawk Nation News

This update is regarding the land theft at Six Nations known as the “Plank Road”. It is expertly researched and put out by the Six Nations/Haudenosaunee Negotiating Team.

On June 18, 1987, Six Nations submitted the documentation to the Government of Canada verifying Six Nations’ ownership in the Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road Lands. No response was received from Canada until 19 years later on November 03, 2006 as presented by the Department of Justice and only than as a result of the February 2006 Douglas Creek Land Reclamation. Previously, every documented land claim put forward by Six Nations and counter researched by Canada was validated in Six Nations favor. The stumbling block in resolving these claims has been an acceptable process for Six Nations many complex and unique issues. Canada’s Specific Claims Policy “Outstanding Business” is policy based on the extinguishment of treaty rights and has been recognized by Canada and First Nations across Canada as a failure.

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