Monday, December 25, 2006

Satire: Santa's Immigration Status Questioned

Unwelcome: That jolly old foreigner. A mystery Web site spoofs Hazleton's law on immigrants by banning Santa Claus from the town. Associated Press, Dec. 23, 2006

A satirical new Web site pokes fun at Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta by claiming he has banned Santa Claus, "the nation's most prominent undocumented worker," from the city.

Playing off the mayor's recent crackdown on illegal immigrants, the elaborate claims that Barletta has launched acampaign against the jolly old elf, who is "not an American, nor is he legally recognized for residency or occupational purposes in this country." Appearing unlawfully for too long to remember, the site says facetiously, Santa Claus employs "hundreds to thousands of elves in what are clearly described as sweatshop or slave labor-type conditions." That undercuts the American workforce in favor of unfair foreign competition or informal domestic laborers, the site contends.

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