Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ex-Abu Ghraib detainee recounts atrocities committed by US forces

Ex-Abu Ghraib detainee Recounts Atrocities Committed by US Forces. December 27, 2006. The Peninsula (Qatar)

DOHA • An Iraqi who spent seven months in Abu Ghraib jail in Baghdad says he has horrifying experiences to tell of how the US soldiers have committed atrocities on innocent Iraqi civilians who were taken into custody and put behind the bars for no fault of theirs.

And among the prisoners were not only young Iraqi men, but also the elderly, women and children, according to Abdul Jabbar Al Azzawi. Having vowed to expose the "dirty face of America" before the world, Al Azzawi is here holding an exhibition of photographs showing "chilling" human rights violations committed by the US soldiers in his country.

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