Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Border crossing deaths in Europe

November-December 2006: Report of deaths of migrants trying to enter Europe. This is most likely an incomplete list as it depends on media reports (source: no border network)

* 18.Dec.06: at least 80 African migrants died when their boat - a small wooden fishing craft - sank off the Senegalese town of St. Louis. There were up to 150 people on the boat from which fishermen rescued about two dozen survivors. (source: cnn.com)
* 14.Dec.06: a migrant boat wrecked inthe waters off Senegals capital, Dakar, and close to 30 people were rescued from that craft. One person died at sea and three people later died in the hospital. (source: international herald tribune)
* 08.Dec.06: Another of the immigrants who arrived on the Canary Islands on the 6th has died of hypothermia. He was amongst the 37 passengers who arrived in the port of Arguineguin, in southern Gran Canaria. (source: typicallyspanish.com)
* 07.Dec.06: a cayuco bearing 36 immigrants, one of them dead, reached Arguineguin in the south of Gran Canaria 13 of the occupants were taken to hospital with symptoms of hypothermia and dehydration. (source: gaymengc.com)
* 06.Dec.06: Fifty two Sahrawis drowned last week off the coast of Boujdour, in Western Sahara. The dead, including nine children younger than 11, were on a makeshift boat heading for Spains Canary Islands. (source: news24.com)
* 28.Nov.06: the bodies of ten drowned children have been found washed ashore in Western sahara. 24 people in a separate boat who were on their way to the canary islands are missing in the same area. (source: Reuters AlertNet)
* 20.Nov.06: a boat carrying migrants to Greece capsized just off Turkeys coast early Sunday, and the coast guard recovered the body of one migrant and was still searching for two other missing migrants (source: iht.com)