Monday, December 18, 2006

Deporting Security Certificate Detainee Mahjoub "unreasonable"

15 December 2006 TORONTO (CP) Deporting suspected Egyptian terrorist to possible torture ruled ‘unreasonable’

The Federal Court has ruled that it would be "patently unreasonable" to deport a suspected terrorist to Egypt because of the risk of torture. Mohammad Mahjoub has been detained as a threat to national security since the spring of 2000. He was ordered deported in 2004 even though Ottawa agreed he ran the risk of torture. That decision was upheld in January.In her decision released today, Justice Daniele Tremblay-Lamer said Ottawa "consistently ignored critical evidence" in making the decision to boot Mahjoub. She said the federal government relied on Egyptian assurances that Mahjoub would be properly treated despite its poor record on human rights. She called that a "flawed approach."