Thursday, February 15, 2007

NYC Action to support Guantanamo North hunger strikers

New Yorkers Petition Canada over Three Men near Death in Canada’s “Guantanamo Bay North”

Mohammad Mahjoub, Mahmoud Jaballah and Hassan Almrei have been detained for over 6 years and on hunger strike for over 70 days now By New Yorkers Against Secret Trials

Tuesday the 13th of February, a delegation of New Yorkers visited the Canadian Consulate to deliver a statement supporting three men on hunger strike who are detained in Kingston Immigration Holding Facility (Ontario),which is also known as “Guantanamo North”. Mohammad Mahjoub is now on his 81st day refusing food, Mahmoud Jaballah and Hassan Almrei are on their 70th day without food. All three of the men are close to death. The three detainees are hunger striking for basic improvements in their prison conditions, such as daily medical care and the appointment of the Correctional Investigator, an independent ombudsman to register complaints. These services are available in other Canadian prisons, but not in the new Kingston facility, which holds only the three men on hunger strike. They are detained as part of Canada’s controversial security certificate process which means their detention is indefinite and they do not have the right to a fair, open trial.

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