Wednesday, February 21, 2007

El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz : 42 years after assassination

After the Bombing / Speech at Ford AuditoriumMalcolm X, transcribed and edited by the Malcolm X Museum and Noaman Ali You can listen to this speech, click here [requires RealPlayer, approx. 1hr 24min].

February 14, 1965

note - Malcolm delivered this speech on the very night that his home in New York was firebombed. He was terribly tired and worried, yet he still showed up all the way in Detroit-- this shows his extreme courage and determination. This is probably his last speech outside of New York, and displays his intellect and honesty, as well as his ideas and understanding close to his death.

Distinguished guests, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, friends and enemies:

I want to point out first that I am very happy to be here this evening and I'm thankful [to the Afro-American Broadcasting Company] for the invitation to come here to Detroit this evening. I was in a house last night that was bombed, my own. It didn't destroy all my clothes, not all, but you know what happens when fire dashes through -- they get smoky. The only thing I could get my hands on before leaving was what I have on now.