Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cop Watch LA: In Defense of our Immigrant Communities

Cop Watch LA Solidarity Statement In Defense of our Immigrant Communities

As Cop Watch LA it is our mission to defend our communities against systematic state repression against people of color. Due to the recent and historical terror campaigns conducted by the federal and local governments on our immigrant communities, which has consisted of mass round-ups and deportations, Cop Watch LA stands in solidarity with and in defense of, our communities of color and immigrant families. This country has declared war on our many immigrant communities across the nation; "We will continue to raid at any time and at any city in the country," an I.C.E spokesperson declared. Therefore, it is our obligation as Cop Watch to inform our communities and families of their rights as human beings. We offer our support to those who have fallen victim to the current terror campaign being waged against our communities and families.

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