Saturday, March 3, 2007

S Korea: Fire in Detention Center Kills 9

Fire in Immigrant Detention Center in S. Korea Kills 9

At 4:00 am on February 11 a fire swept through the locked cells of the detention center at the Yeosu Immigration Controls Office, killing 9 detainees and wounding 18 others. Neither the alarm system nor the sprinklers operated when the fire broke out. The detention center staff tried but failed to put out the flames using portable fire extinguishers. Even so, they did not unlock cells to free the detainees. The detainees were forced to breathe in toxic fumes emitted from burning mattresses. These fumes were the cause of most of the deaths and injuries. Fire in Immigrant Detention Center in S. Korea Kills 9, Wounds 18, Highlighting Rights Abuses

Please show solidarity your solidarity with the migrant workers movement in South Korea by signing the petition linked below. Background information on the movement and details of the incident follow.

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