Wednesday, March 14, 2007

US Immigration System at its Worst

By Ali Noorani March 9, 2007

NEW BEDFORD"HAS ANYONE seen my wife? She left for work yesterday and never came home. Our newborn baby is hungry and crying. Can someone please help?" asks a young father in the basement of a crowded church, one clear voice above the din of the hundreds gathered. The fear is palpable in the young man's eyes. He implores the listener to offer solace, hope, and encouragement.

There were hundreds of people searching for news about their loved ones, fighting back nervous tears. They found no information and no answers. Only chaos. And pain. And fear.

For the past three days, this has been the scene at St. James Church in New Bedford.

This is the result of failed immigration laws. This is the nation's immigration system at its worst.

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