Tuesday, June 5, 2007

G8 NEWS: Information on the Migration Day of Action

G8 NEWS: Information on the Migration Day of Action — "We are here because youare destroying our countries!"

Movements of refugees and migrants are increasing worldwide. From Los Angeles to Paris to Seoul, no one can ignore the global dimension and growing significance of migrants and refugee struggles. These struggles are as much a reaction to the massive plundering and continuing devastation in the global south by the north as they are a demand for social equality. It is precisely the G8 governments, together with transnational corporations and international organisations like the WTO,IWF and World Bank, that are responsible for not only maintaining a global apartheid regime, but also for solidifying and intensifying it.

"We are here because you are destroying our countries " is the slogan of refugee organizations, which is directed toward the whole array of theG8's neocolonial strategies: Against debt policies which impose price increases and privatization measures under so-called structural readjustment programs; against the devastation of local economies leading to increasing impoverishment of these countries; against the plundering of their resources; and last but not least, against the direct or indirect support of dictators and warlords.On June 4th, beginning in the early morning, actions related to theissue of migration will take place all over the city of Rostock.

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